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For an entirely different view of the city you can take to the skies. The cableway connects Nizhny Novgorod with the suburb of Bor.

Before the cableway was opened, one could get to Bor only by car riding along the bridge across the Volga. The distance was 27 kilometers. Although the way across the river was only 3 kilometers.

The cableway opened in 2012 linking Nizhny Novgorod with the suburb of Bor across the Volga. The locals got used to this unuasual means of transportation and they already take it for granted. But it is a kind of adventure for tourists. Each cable car holds up to eight people.

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The cableway is the longest free-hanging distance of any cableway in Europe. The distance above the river is 861,21 meters. The whole distance is 3 661 meters.

The highest point while you travel in a cable car is 82 meters. It takes 12 and a half minutes to make the journey across.

A single fare costs 100 RUB.


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