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Софи Лорен Может Сделать Даже Видимые Волосы Подмышками Сексуальными!

Sophia Loren Can Make Even Visible Armpit Hair Seem Sexy!
Who among us hasn’t, at some point in our adult lives, forgotten to shave our pits for a day or seven? If only we looked as glamorous as Sophia Loren when we ditched our razors. She was proud of her arm bush and rightly so.

Sophia Loren is known and loved for her international acting work, whilst also being one of Italy’s most loved and respected stars. After starting her career early, at age 14, Sophia is still making films at aged 80. There’s something truly incredible about a career that spans over 60 years!

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In her heyday Sophia Loren certainly wasn’t shy about showing the world that she didn’t shave her armpits. It seems as though her armpit hair is completely overshadowed by her beauty, however. We bet most people wouldn’t even have noticed the pit hair if we hadn’t pointed it out. It looks like it’s been trimmed as well, showing that you really can do sexy with hairy armpits, if you want to.

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